Concrete at Home por Fu-Tung Cheng, Eric Olsen

Titulo del libro: Concrete at Home

Autor: Fu-Tung Cheng, Eric Olsen

Número de páginas: 224 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 1, 2005

ISBN: 156158682X

Editor: Taunton Press

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Concrete at Home por Fu-Tung Cheng, Eric Olsen

Fu-Tung Cheng, Eric Olsen con Concrete at Home

Fu-Tung Cheng's surprise bestseller Concrete Countertops paved the way for a fresh look at a familiar surface. His new book moves beyond the kitchen and transforms this commonplace material into an elegant medium that can be used throughout the house. Combining cutting-edge design with helpful how-to information, Concrete at Home offers ingenious ideas for planning and building walls, fireplaces, mantels, hearths, and exterior and interior floors, as well as tips on incorporating architectural elements such as counters, sinks, columns, and water pieces into the project. The construction of forms, footings, and ties is detailed in clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and special attention is given to finishing techniques, including adding color, texture, and inlays.